Creative Team CALL 2014-2015

valentina_CALL-AD-2014-15Hello my friends. Valentina’s Creations is renewing the asset of the Creative Team and new positions are open. At the beginning I didn’t want to do an open call. Since the asset is getting more professional and complex, I thought it was better recruiting professional figures from the market directly. Then I changed my mind. I realized that I really don’t know where to find those professional figures and then, I’ve thought that nothing is better than the enthusiasm of true scrappers, the ones who are addicted, passionate and moved by love. During all these years I’ve met such fabolous people. Their talent and friendship allowed me to grew up, to find new energy and new inspiration. It could happen that creative members are obliged to leave the team, but we always keep in touch and preserve beautiful memories of each others and of the wonderful adventure we shared together.

For the new year (2015) I’m planning a lot of new things but I already know that I won’t be able to manage all these new projects alone. I need trusted and talented people on my side, someone to count on in every moment. Dealing with a creative team is not easy. But a well-organized and established team could make extraordinary things and that’s what I’m trying to build up. The new principle of the team is “working hard” and “stay in touch”.

1 CT HEAD: paid position (small fixed fee per month + full access PU/CU)
2 Hybrid Artists/Blog writers (expert of  CAMEO Silhouette)
2 Cardmakers/Blog writers
2 Challenge Coordinators (1 per, 1 per The Studio)
4 CT members with Praiser roles.
16 new Creative Members

Designers, Cards Resellers, and all those who are involved in any scrap-related business activity, aren’t accepted as creative members and as part of the team in other special positions.

In this call we’re accepting only new members. Past members aren’t accepted on this turn. Thanks for understanding. References are welcome and they constitute a point in favor among candidates of the list.

I produce about 1 collection per week, my style is dynamic and I need very versatile people who are able to switch among different techniques! I won’t accept members who plan to stay only for a few months. Please consider to be part of the team at least for ONE ENTIRE YEAR. Members mus sign Contrats/Agreements.

Full availability (mobile and full address are required)
Social Network Accounts are required (Facebook and Pinterest are mandatory)
Blog is required
Good knowledge of the English language

PLEASE fill up application here within August, 31 – 2014.

Due the huge amount of work, only accepted candidates will be contacted. Thanks for understanding.

With love,

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Pure Creativity… Free with purchase and LR PRESETS freebie!


This morning I woke up earlier than usual. I suppose that my body is nostalgic of those long autumnal afternoons with huge expresso coffee, when you’re totally focused on your artistic projects, your visual perceptions, anything exciting is around you. The month of September is one of my faves. Thats’ because all my senses bloom like wild flowers, after a relaxing Summer where having breaks it’s the rule. The Summer is that time where I collect my ideas, my desires for upcoming projects, where the body is stuck and the mind processes all the facts happened during the past months. When Summer finishes is like I have a clear global vision of what I’ve done and what I still have to do. So, on September usually it starts a new exciting adventure, where I try to turn into reality all my fresh ideas. It’s not always easy. The first enemy is the time. It seems that I never have enough time to elaborate my projects, and it’s pretty incredible if you consider that I’m just a wife and not mom yet. What it will happen when a baby will come in our life? (Apart being extremely happy that the biggest dream of my life is finally come true, of course!!!)

Well, anyway, today I feel full of new strenght and I’m happy to advise you about a new site I’ve found. To satisfy my incessant thirst of new inspiration sources, this morning I spent a couple of precious hours to explore new sites of graphics.

What I found has put a light on my mind. Maybe you already knew it, (I know you’re much better than me in finding new inspiration sites) but I didn’t have heard nothing about before now. I’m talking about the spectacular database of publications of every genre on the earth: ISSUU. You can collect and stack your favorite magazines, creating boards which can be followed by other members (like Pinterest boards) and each magazine is displayed by a powerful flipping album application which makes the experience of reading absolutely pleasant. Not to mention about the thousands copies of crafting magazines that I found!! I strongly suggest you to give a look here;


Well, the new collection of the week talks about “creativity” so we’re perfectly inside the mood. I’m particularly happy of this new collection, because I love the palette so soft and delicate and of course the theme is my favorite. At the same time it’s a vintage, romantic and feminine collection. The Journal Cards and the Stamps are a must, I totally love them!!

theStudio Advertisements

valentina_pp_purecreativity valentina_ep_purecreativity

valentina_pp-5_purecreativity valentina_pp-4_purecreativity

valentina_pp-3_purecreativity valentina_pp-2_purecreativity

valentina_pp-1_purecreativity valentina_ep-1_purecreativity

valentina_ep-2_purecreativity valentina_ep-3_purecreativity

valentina_cp_purecreativity valentina_jp_purecreativity

valentina_vstp_purecreativity valentina_acc_purecreativity

And now my favorite pack: the stamps! It includes both png and brushes saved as .abr.


valentina_purecreativity_stp-wycdIf you purchase the Bundle, you’ll get for free also an awesome set of vintage frame templates, saved as .tif, .psd and .png. You can easily modify the pics by replacing the smart-objects! If you don’t know how to do, you can see this explanatory video!



Creative Team Layouts:

valentina_purecreativity_LO7 valentina_purecreativity_LO8

valentina_purecreativity_LO6 valentina_purecreativity_LO5

valentina_purecreativity_LO4 valentina_purecreativity_LO3

valentina_purecreativity_LO2 valentina_purecreativity_LO1

My FANS can also download for free an awesome set of LR PRESETS!!

My dear beach you’ll be missed (post-processed by LR presets above)



The CU DESIGN TEAM of The Studio is having a wonderful Facebook HOP!! You cannot miss such wonderful HIGH QUALITY pieces, ALL for FREE!

CU Facebook Hop

Running Deals:

Advertisement Image


Thank you so much for following me! See ya on next post! ^_^

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