New Commercial Use Packs!!

My dearest friends, today I have 3 new commercial use packs for you! I have 2 new template sets and a new exciting action!

Advertisement ImageThe advertisements activities are becoming the most important aspect on our business and I always feel the need to expose my stuff in new eye-catching and attractive looks! That’s why I’m exploring new horizons and creating a lot of tools which can help me to be faster and original while creating my ads! Latest adhesives, tickets and templates I made, had a huge success. People perfectly know the importance to make delightful advertisement campaign! Well, the 2 new packs are another wonderful addition to your advertisement graphic arsenal!

valentina_fancylabeltemplatesvalentina_cornerbannersMaybe you’re a bit tired of stickers, I could understand. The reason I’m still proposing you stickers action is because I found you would love this one. I was creating my own elements for the Project Life, when I’ve thought to make an action for this new lovely element composed by the sticker base and a nice washi tape for your notes! I’m sure that all the 365P lovers will appreciate it a lot.

valentina_advanced_any_shape_sticker-action Continue reading

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Introduction to the new shop and big deals for you!

Dear friends, as you many of you know, I’ve completed the moving on the new server and updated the shop to the last stable version, full of new features. Today I’d like to introduce you on what’s on going with the shop, the new features available and how to use them.

IMPORTANT: First of all, since the shop is basically “new”, it could happen that small things need to be optimized. Keep in mind that any useful tip, suggestion, comment and/or feedback about your shopping activity, can help me to improve the shop life. If you find any problem, please, make the effort to comunicate to me. I know it could be annoying, but it’s important in order to keep the shop running.

1. Social Login: Now you can login to the shop by using the new feature of “social login”; It means that you can access to the shop by using your social account (twitter, facebook, yahoo and a few others), safely and quickly. I strongly wanted this feature because I’m a customer too and I find it very useful and time-saving.

social-login2. Multiple Currency: Now you can choose among the main currencies from a drop down menu on the top right. I strongly wanted this feature because many customers had difficulties on having shopping in euros. I hope it can help.

currency3. Cookies Changes: I’ve implemented the Cookies Settings Panel. Continue reading

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