Forgotten on the moon…

COVID-19 – Day 36

Forgotten on the moon, waiting for coming back to earth. Forgotten in somewhere from my inner universe, closed into myself, where I can explore my own essence and discovering who I am. A wise said that men in solitude are obliged to face with theirselves, and I can say that it’s what happening to me. I feel forgotten on the moon; the word “forgotten” suggests something negative, like if I feel to be abandoned. That’s not true, not literally. But most of the times I feel not understood by people. I am facing with strong emotions and I see myself weak. I don’t want other see me in the same way. That’s why I tend to isolate myself and stay alone, struggling with my own feelings. People don’t understand that I’m trying to win against myself, they just think that I don’t want their help. That’s why I feel “forgotten”, misunderstood. But.. I am traveling the moon in this sweet and damn solitude and it’s a kind magic somehow. I can clearly see things that I didn’t see at all before. I can listen to those personal needs that I got used to ignore. This is a continuos alternance between black and white, from light and darkness, from happiness and despair. But at the end of the travel we’ll be stronger, better, happier. For all those who feel forgotten on the moon.. enjoy this amazing handdrawned collection and remember: we are made of stars.

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