Scream with joy!

“Scream with joy” represents a sort of self therapy towards a creative mixed media journey. It’s an artistic messy bunch of scribbles and doodles, lines and shapes, splatters, stickers and so on. I won’t use it merely to make classic scrapbooking layouts, but also and especially to create journaling pieces of art with a strong touch of personality. Enjoy.

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This is my story: I am screaming for joy, I have been reborn again, right now.
I live in a beautifu messy creative world.
The photo of this layout has been taken during a trip on my born town: Catania, Sicily.

With love, Val.

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welcome to my messy and creative world!

Happiness smells good

don't make the mistake to think you're able to survive without your art.

All the times my head is going to explode then I'll find tons of surprises, new ideas, new shapes and lines: that's why I stopped being afraid: the more you feel "pressed", the more you'll be able to create wonders.

“Every artist was first an amateur”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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