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COVID-19 – Day 26

I really don’t know where to start to tell you the story of this new amazing collection. You have surely noticed that I made it in collaboration with the super talented WendyP Designs from Sweet Shoppe Designs.

Well, she’s not only one of the most creative designer nowadays, she’s also a close friend of mine and we shared a lot of moments. I even remember when she sent me the photo of her newborn Rosalie, through whatsapp: she had just given her to life.

We spent entire days on chatting and sharing. Divided by a monitor, united in the heart. Two different cultures, a lot of miles away, but no distances were enough for us. Even after I closed my first shop and I quitted from designing for a long period, she kept in touch with me. Time flies. I talked to her for the first time on 2012, when I opened my store at 7th Heaven. It sounds a really long time ago.

And now here we are, still together, sharing one of the most incredible happenings of the human history. For some reason, as I told you many times during these days, I found my peace in coming back to design. I asked to Wendy if she would be happy to collab with me. She said a big YES and we started.

I can’t explain the joy and the positivite feelings I have experienced during the creation process. We shared everything on chat, like we used to do in the past, and for a moment I felt like if nothing changed at all, like if the virus never did come and people never died.

This is a collection of hope. An invitation to be faithful. To stay strong and positive. We can’t ignore what it’s happening but we can decide how to convert these strong emotions into something more powerful than soreness: the gratitude, the solidarity.

Here in Italy we are not allowed to make funerals and see our beloved ones who pass away. This is a tragedy without comparisons. My huge hug goes to all those who lost someone without the chance to say goodbye.

Each memory you build in these days will remain with you for ever. Make these days memorable for what you learned from them. Remember the names of whose passed away and preserve them into your heart.

With lot of love,


  • Hi Miss Val,
    I wanted to express my heartfelt sadness for the loss of so many of your people in this horrible Pandemic we are all now experiencing.

    There seems to be no explanation as to why this had to happen. Surely God loves us all, I know this is not of his making.

    My love and prayers go out to you and your loved ones and I pray you stay safe and well.

    Kindest of Regards

    Antonia Macedo

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