Stolen Spring

Collection overview:

COVID-19 – Day 19th
You may feel lost, sometimes. The overloading of news may lead you toward an unknow state of confusion and despair. You know, the change has “global” dimension and this is scary. You wonder how it will change your life, what the tomorrow will look like.

When I had the vision of this project I was thinking about the season that I was forbidden to live: spring is here, my favorite season, and we are locked in as birds in a cage. I thought “it’s a stolen spring”. Yeah, a stolen part of us. But during the creation process I devoloped a lot of different moods and feelings. I thought that during this obliged silence we can explore ourselves as we never did before.
I love the solitude. It brings truth, growness. I love change. And finally I start to view something bigger and important trough the pages of this cosmic chaos. Probably being humans needed it. 

If you pay attention, you may hear birds singing more gracefully. Oceans are breathing. Each natural thing on the earth is rebirthing. The universe desn’t need us. It can go on even without. That’s what we have to learn, for example. That we are just the smallest drop on this endless sea.

If this new collection expresses my soreness and inner conflict, it is at the same time an invitation to stay positive, to feed our soul by colors, art, beauty, love. A stolen spring to come in the world with a different face, like an opportunity to clean us from impurity.

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