This beautiful life!

“This Beautiful Life” is the event collection for June at the Studio! As you can see, it’s full of brilliant and vibrant colors to evoc the beauty of ordinary moments, the ones who belongs us and make our life unique. You may use this collection to create traditional layouts or to build your project life journey! That’s why I have included “date” embellishments and the 12×12 specific templates for project life designs. Enjoy.

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welcome to my messy and creative world!

Happiness smells good

don't make the mistake to think you're able to survive without your art.

All the times my head is going to explode then I'll find tons of surprises, new ideas, new shapes and lines: that's why I stopped being afraid: the more you feel "pressed", the more you'll be able to create wonders.

“Every artist was first an amateur”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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